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Top 5 stories in Poirot Investigates | Agatha Christie

Poirot Investigates is a short story collection written by English author Agatha Christie in 1924. It consists of eleven short stories dealing with blackmail, robberies, theft, murder, kidnappings, superstitions, among other crimes. The chief protagonist if Hercule Poirot, his companion is Arthur Hastings, and together they solve eleven mysteries.

Here are the Rankings of top 7 stories in the collection:

The kidnapped Prime Minister – The story stands out due to time urgency factor. The Prime Minister disappears. It is a race against time. If Prime minister is not found soon, the issue could escalate to a huge global embarrassment.

The Case of the Missing Will – It is the only story in Poirot Investigates where Poirot reaches the brink of defeat. Some real challenge for him. A person leaves a will. Soon it is revealed that there is possibly a second will. Poirot manages to find the second WILL only to discover that there is a third WILL hidden somewhere.

The Tragedy at Marsdon Manor – A murder mystery. A man dies of brain haemorrhage. Poirot is not much interested in the case but still dives into it due to a deal with the Insurance company. He soon discovers there is more to it than what appears on the surface.

The Adventure of the Egyptian Tomb – A story which comes close to an adventure ride. Only story which deals with superstitions, and shows Poirot employing his acting skills.

The Adventure of the Cheap Flat – The case is different. It is not offered to Poirot, it does not even appear like a case. Poirot voluntarily dives into it to quell his curiosity, and discovers an international conspiracy.

The Disappearance of Mr Davenhiem – A man disappears, and Poirot finds him. But it is not that straightforward.

The Million Dollar Bond Robbery – A “Who did it” mystery, that is interesting in the way it answers “How he did it”.

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