The case of the Missing Lady | Partners in Crime | A Tommy & Tuppence Mystery | Agatha Christie

The case of the missing lady

Gabriel Satavansson visits International Detective Agency for a case involving disappearance of his fiancee Hermione Leigh Gordon. Gabriel recently returned from a two-year expedition to North Pole. As Tommy and Tuppence read about him in the newspaper, unware to Gabriel, they manage to impress him with their ingenuity.

Hermione’s first husband died during Wolrd war 1. She stayed with her aunt Lady Susan Clonray in London. When Gabriel returned, his first thought was to meet Hermione. Stavamsson never had good relation with Lady Susan mainly due to two reasons – He hated fat woman, and her disapproval of his engagement with Hermione. He got names of various people that Hermione was expected to visit and travels North to meet them.

Failing to obtain any information about Hermione Leigh Gordon, he vists Lady Susan again. While he was talking to Lady Susan, a Telegram arrives signed by Hermione and addresses from Maldon. He visits Maldon and fails again to find Hermione. Thus he arrived at their detective agency to seek their help in finding Hermione.

Two Maldons

Tommy and Tuppence take the case and travel to Maldon.They try their best but draw a complete blank. Giving up, while returning to London, an idea occurred to Tuppence.

They realise that there might be another Maldon. They worked on the idea, and find out there are two Maldons – in Surrey and Sussex, and they are currently in the wrong Maldon at Surrey. Next day, they visit the Sussex Maldon. After few inquiries, they shortlist a house named Grange belonging to Dr. Horriston suspecting that he might be the man involved in the disappearance of Hermione. They attempt to reach the house occupants to know the whereabouts of Mrs. Leigh Gordon but all in vain. They overhear the conversation between Dr. Hoprriston and the manservant and smelled something fishy, and trouble for Leigh Gordon.

Mystery solved

Tuppence leaves for the village to call and inform Stavansson of their findings. When he returns, he informs Tuppence that he was not able to reach Stavansson or Lady Susan. So he called Brady who was aware of Horriston. Horriston was once a bona fide doctor, who came a cropper and became an unscrupulous quack. They decide to stay and investigate.

They survey the house and hears moans of a woman coming from first floor of the house. They decide to investigate. They take the ladder found by Tuppence to ascend. Tuppence decides to go up and figure out the matter.

Tuppence swarms up the ladder and peers through the window where she sees Mrs Leigh Gordon. She witnesses woman dressed as a nurse entering the room and injecting something in her arm and thn exiting the room. She descends the ladder and confides it to Tommy.

Tuppence ascends the ladder again to meet Mrs Leigh Gordon while Tommy waits downstairs. Little murmurs are followed by dead silence raising his anxiety and concern for Tuppence. Suddenly Tuppence reaches him from behind and explains the mystery. During his visit, Stavannson told them that he hated fat women. In the two years he had been away, Hermione had put on weight. Stavvanson made an early returns and she had no choice but to hide herself and go for the weight loss treatment by Dr. Horriston who is likely a quack.

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